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About US...

In the beginning there was Yarn and it was not exciting. At the age of 7 or 8 my mom taught me to embroider , sew and crochet and I Loved it , especially the crochet part. Please note that crochet is not the Trailer Trash of the Yarn world and almost any knitted garment could use a little Crab stitch or Single Crochet Edge to hold down that roll from stockinette (knit a row , purl a row). Any way , back in the day ,yarn was either Pretty and Acrylic or Ugly and Wool. The two did not mix . Alpaca was impossible to find short of going to Peru and most patterns were boring , hard to read, and plain.

I moved on to tailoring, painting , and most of the hand arts out there. I became a tailor. I designed gowns , costumes and re-enactment garb. Yes, grown people dress up like soldiers and pretend to shoot at each other . Then in the late 80's yarn began to show up with that mix I was longing for. Beautiful Colors with Awesome Fiber content . Alpaca , llama, silk, wool and blends, the sky was the limit. But patterns were still written as if someone is going to send it by Morris Code and every letter cost $1.00.

A decade of working in Mental Health told me knitting that way would lead to lots medication so I began to write patterns in long hand, with little or no abbreviations and in step form.

I also wanted a finished garment that fit a real person ! Patterns were getting Strange and dangerously skimpy for my body type. Then I wanted yarns that were variegated and solid in the same gauge but some times in contrasting fibers . After learning to card, spin ,dye and paint fibers , Celestial Yarns was born . Since I only like to paint and knit I gave up on the sheep part and find my fibers locally and all over the place. If it's soft and lofty , I want to paint it. Lastly , my life partner ( better known as my husband Mark) grew up on a farm and could make Leather handles , pockets and closures for my hand bag patterns. I-cord handles aren't always the look I'm after. Problem solved ! So here we are... the web store came about as a result of carrying our goodies in the shop Wilde & Wooly in Black Mountain. NC ,where I live , according to my daughters . It was taking over the day and Yes, I can talk you through most knitting disasters over the phone. We have bunches of knitters that love our stuff but don't live near the Appalachian Mountains.

With gas prices cutting into Yarn stash dollars and mortgages the web Store came to be.

So have fun, come see us and enjoy Easy Knits !

Kim Green

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