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Free Secret Knowledge!

  • Any natural fiber will felt, not just wool. Alpaca, llama, camel, angora, cashmere (yes, some people felt cashmere) will felt.
  • Patterns that are written for a specific yarn can be made in ANY yarn, as long as the gauge is the same.
  • Patterns can also be made out of a small or larger yarn than the pattern calls for, as long as you get the gauge correct.
Think gauge isn't important? You're right! If you are making something that is an Accessory... It will fit. However, if you are making a garment that is going around any part of your body, such as a hat, sweater, mittens, or socks it should fit the person it is intended for.
If you are 1/4 inch off on gauge swatch for making a sweater, that 4 to 6 inches difference over the whole garment is disturbing.

A Word About Stick Needles

Get the right tools for the job and don't feel guilty... My husband spent $1200.00 on a chain saw to trim two trees.
Is he a lumberjack? NO!
Don't try to make Grandma's stick needle collection work on new millenium yarns.
Most patterns, including ALL of mine, are written only for circular needles and Double Points

The World of Needles...

Let's just saw useful for teaching very little children to knit and shaking at the cat on the counter. They come in any length from from 6" (good to hold up long hair) to 24" (good weapon) and are made of wood, polymer, metal, and lots of other weird stuff

Two needles held together in the middle by a wire or plastic cord that come in 12", 16", 24", 29", 32" and longer.

Double Pointed Needles:
DPN in the patterns, useful for finishing garments such as socks, baby items, and hats, when stitches won't fit on any circular needle because there are too few stitches left.
This is all I use as far as needles go

The "drag" story.

There's a thing called drag. It is the way yarn knits on certain types of needles in relationship to how you knit, your gauge tension. Sounds complicated, but here's an example...
If you are knitting with slippery, slick novelty yarn and your stitches keep falling off as you begin to knit them, and you are using Grandma's aluminum stick needles, THAT's a drag issue.
The solution... B amboo or wood circular needles. The wood will slow down how fast the yarn travels across the needle and the circular part is weightless and will help keep the stitches up higher on the points (ends at the top) of the needles.

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