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...do you own a shop ?

Do you have a yarn shop and want to carry our Sweet Fibers? Here are the rules and why...
Yes, we sell wholesale but only to store front shops.
We only sell to one shop in a township and heres why...........

I too, have a yarn shop in the small town of Black Mountain, N.C. near Asheville, and in these tough times of shops on every corner and gas prices soaring it's all we can do to keep the dogs fed. It is heart breaking to us when we carry a line of yarn, make oodles of shop models, buy every color, carry the patterns, and write about it in our news letter, only to discover that web-store X carries it at 30% off or the shop two blocks over has the exact same thing we have. We feel that everyone loses, you the frustrated shop owner and the customer with yarn they don't know what to do with or mis-matched with the pattern, body type, etc.

We have 9 yarn shops in our town and it's getting harder & harder to be a Unique Yarn Boutique. But before we start crying let's remember that Greater Atlanta has 23 yarn shops, not counting Hobby Snobby, Wally World, AC Less or any other discount stores. These small shops offer free massages, free coffee & chocolates, free pizza!!! Here's a thought.... how about really awesome, unique, hand dyed yarns with easy to understand one of a kind patterns, model support, free posters, and an understanding that we will do everything we can to keep your shop Unique. We both win!

And obviously we don't sell at all to web-stores. Please don't ask. We get your customers in our shop with your yarn, looking dazed & confused, it's not fun . There is only one exception to that rule and it's me... I do sell directly to customers because this entire business got started with tourist coming through town, buying our yarn and then wanting more of it, but living hundreds of miles away. At all times if there is a shop within driving distance we ask our customers to go there. Matt, the web-man is working on a list of shops for this site and eventually we will go to wholesale only as we grow.

SO here's how it works .......
  1. We need a photo of your shop store front with the name of the shop visible in the photo.
  2. Copy of your resale tax ID certificate with shop name on it that matches photo above.
  3. We need a little time for paper work in between dying and drying time.
  4. Then we send you fiber swatches and color card, price sheet, minimums, etc.
If at any time you have a question or something to share feel free to e-mail or call, we spend most of the time in studio but try to chase the phone and will call you with-in the hour.

Kim Green

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